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victorious and sunburnt

The former would be Boy, the latter would be me (and perhaps I’m more windburnt than sunburnt). Dr B started on a long cycle but decided he wasn’t enjoying himself – ahem, some people DO enjoy cycling, you know, and he’s usually one of them – so ended up with me at the rowing.

We watched Boy stroke a club quad scull crew to victory in a 3rd grade race. Nice work. His much less experienced school IV crew did well, too, bringing home a second-place in its 3rd grade race against some very strong competition (the winning crew contained a former coach, another of the crews their present coach). It was a good day and it’s always lovely down by the water whether in the wind, rain or sunshine; and yesterday we had all of those.

Because yesterday was the opening of the season, there was a fancy dress rowpast. Boy’s school always participates though we often feel completely outmatched by private schools’ wardrobe departments. We didn’t have such stiff competition yesterday and though we put together a colourful Renaissance/70s VIII, we were no match for Snow White, the Seven Dwarves and The Wicked Queen who came down from a country club for the occasion.

Renaissance rowers




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