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sew much fun

Whether or not we like early mornings, we have a lot of them in this household. Boy goes off to rowing and Dr B heads off  on his bike. Or if he’s not going out on a ride, he might well be writing up a long report. Me? I just go to work so I try to stay in bed. But sometimes, because all the racket they make wakes me whatever the reason and then I can’t get back to sleep, I get up and sew. Yesterday I was able to make visible inroads on a pile of bunting flags. I fnished off a dozen. That means I’m 25% of the way finished!

I like the way they’re looking so far, but wondering if I’ll need more than I’ve cut out. The space for which they’re intended is quite large and to have too few flags a-fluttering would make the whole effort ineffectual. The visual effect needs to be generous. Should I need to cut out more, I have enough left of the patterned fabric but would need to purchase another solid colour. Well, it is payday today so with a couple of dollars in my pocket I could head off at lunchtime and join the shoppers.

Meanwhile, Boy is rowing, Dr B is snoring and I’m going to sew for a while.

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