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rhymes with morning but isn’t

It’s what we do at night, however, and I’m doing it. Yawning. It’s been a long day. I don’t know how Boy is still relatively compos mentis. Dr B and I certainly aren’t. This evening’s laundry is hanging on the inside line, though tomorrow’s temperature is forecast to be good drying weather. In that case, another load can go on the outside line tomorrow. Meanwhile, it’s not morning and I am yawning.

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Karen over at Did You Make That is discussing wardrobe space. I well understand her dilemma. I have at different times had adequate wardrobe space. I’m presently allowed two-fifths of our large, built-in robe. I also have to store my clothes and my shoes and the spare pillows and all my handbags and the sleeping bags and – well, I did have the sleeping bags. Now I have only mine and I’ve told Dr B that, as he has three-fifths of the wardrobe and no longer a need to use it for business suits, he can look after his own sleeping bag.

We are all a bit attached to our stuff, though. I try to destash. But I have to have some clothes and most of mine are old and worn, whether they’re work clothes or non-work clothes. That means that to keep warm these days I need six layers where one might once have done the job. I do have some dresses that I rarely wear (annually for Christmas dinners, that sort of thing) and others I don’t wear and perhaps never will again. But I can’t find it in me to throw out my wedding dress (throw out only in the sense of “put in the charity bin”) or the handsewn dresses that help to inspire me.

Is it silly to be sentimental about clothing? We generally take the view that if we’ve had our money’s worth out of it but it no longer fits and is still in reasonable order, then it should go into the charity bin (some of Boy’s clothes, for instance, as he grows out of them). That way a charity earns money from the sale and someone else has the pleasure of wearing whatever it might be. We’re not big on selling things. In the case of my clothes, you couldn’t because they’re so worn; but even were they not, would I want to sell them? Not really. I can still use them.

There’s another dilemma: do you hang onto clothing because you can still wear it? Should you? What do you think?









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thick in the clear

Boy had a cold that lingered and lingered but eventually responded to antibiotics (suggesting that it had gone beyond being just a cold). He now has either another cold or very bad hayfever. Either way, he sounds terrible and says he’s sick. Not throwing up, just puffing and panting and probably feeling as unwell as he sounds. It’s a crummy time of year, that’s for sure.

On an unrelated note, today was Melbourne Cup Day. Of course I had a couple of tickets in the office sweeps. Much to my delight, one of them netted me a 300% return on my original investment, so I now have enough money in my pocket to go fabric shopping at Spotlight’s <; “empty the bolt” sale (30% off if you’re a VIP member and you empty the bolt with your purchase). That was Dr B’s suggestion and it would be ungracious of me not to heed his advice, don’t you think? (Apologies: for some reason, I wasn’t able to add that link properly, so I’ve settled for just pasting in the URL for now.)

On another unrelated note, tomorrow morning’s early start (4.20) has morphed to a much more civilised 6.30.  Boy’s rowing training has been cancelled. He’s upset about that, because he loves club training and the Head of Yarra regatta is only a few weeks away now, but pleased to be getting a bit more sleep which will undoubtedly mean he’s better rested tomorrow than he was today, and might help reduce his general unwellness. I’d be lying were I to imply that Dr B and I won’t appreciate some extra shut-eye, too.


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