I’m forever having troubles

16 Jan

That’s with my computer and access to the net and IT generally. Sometimes I snatch a moment or two on Boy’s computer when he’s off at rowing training or a friend’s place or a party or some such. It’s never long and I don’t want to get cosy because this isn’t going to last. Oh, no. My computer will be available for me again one of these days. It might not be for a significant number of them; but eventually it will come to pass that normal service is resumed.

I am still without a means to upload any of my photos, though I am told they’ve been saved. I continue to knit and sew, just bits and pieces (you know, mending shopping bags, putting new handles on an old flourbag, that sort of thing). None of it is particularly blogworthy anyway, and the mending is merely necessary but quite, quite uninteresting.

Right, well, Boy will be home soon. I’d better get off his computer.

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Posted by on January 16, 2012 in Musing


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