appropriateness – or not

02 Feb

There’s some urgency about clothing for work as most of mine is old and worn and some of it either beyond mending or beyond the point where it should be mended. I need to make some clothes suitable for the office. That much is clear. What’s equally clear is that fabric for making those clothes has to come from my stash.

I have a lot of fabric in my stash – a lot by my standards, anyway, though I suspect it’s fairly modest really – but very little of it was purchased for me and little of it is therefore appropriate for me. One fabric I particularly like is a shot green satin with guitar-playing skeletons on it. I thought it would be ideal for making a top to wear to work When I showed it to Dr B, he vetoed it. I work in a legal area. Why on earth would he think that guitar-playing skeletons were inappropriate? I’m mystified.

But perhaps he’s right. The colour might be too boisterous and those skeletons could get noisy, what with all their clanking bones and the like, not to mention those guitars. We know how much noise they can make. On the other hand, have I let myself be talked out of something that might brighten my day? I don’t know. I’d be wearing it under a jacket when in court, so it’s not really all that likely to be intrusive. You might ask why I have such fabric in my stash.

It was originally purchased to make new boxers for Boy, but when I showed it to him, he didn’t seem at all keen to have it turned into boxers or anything else. I was mystified by that, too, as I’d have thought it just his style. Then again, he has colour deficient vision and perhaps he sees the fabric as brown and boring. It isn’t. It’s a fairly quiet sort of green really. Understated. Just patterned with guitar-playing skeletons, that’s all. I might yet make that blouse.

What I am sure I won’t use is the Thomas the Tank Engine fabric that I recently purchased at Boy’s earnest request (to make more boxers). He’s of an age where it’s hip to have silly undies. That much I can manage without too much questioning as to whether it’s appropriate. If Boy is happy to wear them, I’m more than happy to make them. Maybe photos will eventuate one of these months (and it is likely to be months before normal computer networking is restored).

So off I go to peruse my stash with work in mind. Would you think guitar-playing skeletons inappropriate in an office? Or would you think they added a note of fun? One day I’ll talk about my socks. They are anything but serious and I wear them to work all the time!

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