things are looking up

08 Feb

I’m almost back in business with an almost computer! Well, it’s a real computer but, as Boy’s school laptop has recently died, it’s not entirely mine just yet. But soon it will be. Aha. Then, and only then, we might have photos.

Also, on a non-computer-related note, I’ve finished some crocheted articles: I completed the little, twirly scarf for Middle Niece (yes, by the end of the holidays, before I went back to work) as well as a crocheted Moebius cowl for Youngest Niece. Sure, I’d already made a neck warmer for Middle Niece but, as I keep saying, she is off to Germany for a year and will need some warmth. Youngest Niece will need some warmth for the winter that’s soon going to be here. Boy was surprised by how nice the Moebius cowl looked. Don’t you love the honesty? I will take a photo but can’t promise when it will be posted.

At lunchtime I went walking to the fabric shop of choice (for which you should read “nearby and where prices are not likely to break the bank”). There I tracked down some ribbing to match the fleecy fabric from my stash. It was on sale for the princely sum of $3 per metre. I bought a metre. Though I’ve no need for quite that much at present, I know I’ll use it. Now that I have the ribbing, I can fire up the sewing machine and make a start on Boy’s trial-run top. What fun! Oh, if only work didn’t get in the way of having a life.

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