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15 Feb

The crocheted Moebius cowl (sorry, my machine doesn’t like umlauts) and the twirly scarf (with a lavender bag to accompany each) have been finished and given away to happy recipients.I’ve also done a neck warmer/cowl for another birthday gift and that’s stashed away awaiting the not-too-distant day.

Additionally, I have knitted a fair bit of a soft, pretty shawl. That started out as a neck warmer/cowl but Dr B said that Nonna wouldn’t know what to do with a cowl. As it was intended for her birthday present, I agreed to make the shawl he reckoned she would like and understand. She might. I don’t know. Dr B plainly doesn’t. I held up a large, knitted triangle for him to say whether it would do or needed to be larger. “How does it work?” he said. It’s a triangle. What could I say?

I think it needs to be a bit larger although there’s a point where a shawl that’s too large simply gets in the way. Dr B thinks it’s all right as it is. Actually, I can tell that he just wants me to stop knitting because he thinks it’s a waste of time and money. It’s not very time consuming, nor is it expensive. The yarn I’ve used for the shawl cost me less than $5. It’s acrylic but it’s pretty and warm and certainly soft. It will launder easily. Sometimes, when you’re in a nursing home, as Nonna is, that’s a big advantage.

If I offered to knit you a shawl, would you reckon a large triangle would fit the bill?

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