knitting grass with sticks

23 Feb

We are a single-income family, and not a particularly large income, so I am often jealous of the what are obviously reasonable sums of money that other people spend on yarns and fabrics. I simply cannot. Often, even if I see fabric (or yarn) at very good prices in end-of-season mark-downs, I just can’t make the budget stretch that far.

The Yarn Harlot, in one of her books, makes a comment along the lines that real knitters would use sticks to knit grass if they couldn’t afford anything else. I think that makes me a real knitter, because an awful lot of what I knit has the feel of grass. It’s just a bit softer and much more colourful, that’s all.

It’s a good thing that I do still have quite a bit of fabric in my stash that dates back to the days when we didn’t have a better income but our expenses were lower. The fabric I’ll be using for Boy’s fleecy top (contraindicated in the present Very Hot spell that we’re enjoying – well, I am) dates back to when he was at primary school. He is now in his last year of secondary school, which takes a bit of believing. But, yes, he is, and we attended his leadership assembly yesterday. Sigh. How my baby has grown up.

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