a busy, productive week

04 Mar

I achieve in fits and starts.

On the sewing front, during the last week I completed Boy’s sweatshirt (which he’s worn almost non-stop since, though it’s not quite the design he’d been after). He was impressed by my cleverness and how good the result was. We’re agreed on what sorts of changes will be required for the next one.

I made a spotty top for myself, using Miss P’s draft-your-own-top pattern. It turned out so well that I made another one straightaway.I finished a skirt I’d had lurking in my stash for five years or so. The second top matched the skirt (same fabric). I wore that outfit to a wedding yesterday. My menfolk liked it. The skirt wasn’t brilliant (I had trouble with the waistband elastic), but it was all right, the fabric was pretty and all in all, it was probably as well made as some of the other outfits. Desperation and penury are sometimes powerful motivators.

On the knitting front, not so much progress. I tidied up the ends on Nonna’s shawl and called it done. It will be a gift for her birthday in a few weeks. Dr B asked if I would make some lavender bags for her. I’d have made at least one to accompany the shawl but will now make a few more. It’s no trouble.

On the crochet front I finished another Moebius cowl, this one for Eldest Niece, using the same soft, pretty yarn that I used for Nonna’s shawl. The yarn knits to a prettier finish than crochet provides, but I think the colours will appeal to Eldest Niece. She has a birthday looming, too, and there’s a pair of mittens I need to finish for her. The cowl I made the week before was smaller and too pink but it will make a gift for someone else’s birthday, have no fear; not much sits idle for very long in my completed objects boxes.

On the to-do list: fingerless mitts for a colleague, another sweatshirt for Boy, another top and skirt for myself to wear to Head of the River in a few weeks (the skirt is so I can be in the water taking photos; I don’t do shorts anywhere but in the privacy of my own home) and some other more mundane things such as hemming a pair of trousers for Nonna and making some new streamers for Head of the River (I’ve started those).

But meanwhile, the housework is piling up around me!


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