plans are for other people

07 Mar

Did you like that little to-do program I set out last time? Not bad, really, was it? And it’s only been hi-jacked by two crocheted Moebius cowls that I hadn’t factored in but decided were necessary for birthday gifts. There’s no doubt that, when speed is of the essence – most of the time, to be truthful, at least for me – crochet is a better option than knitting. Neither of the cowls is finished yet, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll probably finish both in the next day or so.

I prefer to knit. I’m better at it and find it less frustrating but crochet meets other needs (see comment about speed) so I have quite a good collection of crochet hooks as well as knitting needles. Fat hooks and thick yarn, or fat needles and thick yarn, can be good tools in the cold weather. Of course, it hasn’t been cold here today and it’s not meant to be cold tomorrow, either. Who cares? I’ll be busy being productive with some pretty yarn. That might not be anybody else’s plan but it will do me.

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