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artfully dodging

Today we had a family luncheon to celebrate Nonna’s birthday (she’s 86) and Boy’s (he’s 17). Their birthday is actually on Tuesday, but we can’t do long family lunches on a weekday. Can we?

So it was your typical family get-together: everybody cranky and the kids behaving badly and the siblings who don’t have a good word to say to each other at the best of times being practically murderous and then the mobile phone that was lost practically causing a divorce and Nonno smiling grimly from his hospital bed because he thought Nonna’s birthday flowers were for him and funereal – yeah, one of those. The pizza, however, was delicious.

And I wore my dodgy top. You know, the one with all the problems. Nobody commented, nobody noticed. I think we were all too busy dodging the missiles and ducking for cover!

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