of dodgy tops and polka dots

27 Mar

You might recall my saying I’d be happy to wear the dodgy top out shopping and around the home? It turns out I have no shame. I’ve worn it to a family dinner and I find myself wearing it to work quite often. It’s comfy, it’s tidy, it’s a good weight for the sort of weather we’ve been having and nobody – nobody! – is going to be examining it so closely that they notice how poorly made it is. I can tell you that it’s in no danger of coming adrift at the seams after half a dozen washes, so it must be well enough made for that. I’ve owned RTW clothes for which I couldn’t have made such a claim. The polka dot top is doing good service for work as well. I’m very happy with them both.

I have not, however, made the next top I’d planned (also using a dotty fabric though one on a more generous scale) but I’ll try to get it started tonight. I have been making streamers – some people call them pompoms, though that mystifies me utterly; when I think of pompom I think of something on top of a cap – and my sewing table is still inches deep under crepe paper. I’ve almost finished the ribbing on Eldest Nephew’s beanie, though, so I’ve been quietly making progress on several different WIPs.

A day at home and away from the madhouse that’s work would help my sanity but that’s not an option. In the meanwhile, I’ve a few household chores to attend to. Dang. No justice in life, is there?

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