Daily Archives: March 28, 2012

fashion police

Dr B was having a rebellious day yesterday. He drove Boy to rowing training as usual but he didn’t bother to throw on a pair of trackies. Oh, no. He went off in his old, stained dressing gown and PJs. When he returned, I asked him if the fashion police had stopped him? He said no but there’d been plenty of real police out and about on the roads, so he was doubly careful to observe speed limits. Imagine the looks he’d have received had he been pulled over.

In the spirit of self-assessment – or getting someone else to assess self-made, anyway – tonight I thought I’d get the other fashion police to check out my dodgy top. First, I asked Boy what he thought about it. He immediately said he liked it. So I told him about its many faults. His response? “Maybe you should sew a fault into everything.” You see? We’re far too harsh on ourselves sometimes.

The blue beanie progressed by a few rows today and I’d hoped to be able to sit and knit some more tonight. However, by the time I’d done the few evening chores, I wasn’t in a frame of mind to pick up my knitting. I have to be at work early tomorrow because I’m being let loose with the technology again. Perhaps I’ll take my knitting along with me, in case we have some unexpected breaks during which I could knit a few more rows. But maybe not. It’s difficult to justify doing something that isn’t work when you’re actually signed on and at work, even if you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs. You can be sure it wouldn’t be just the fashion police complaining if I were to pull my knitting out with my recording equipment!