future frankensweater

29 Mar

In the way that expressions come and go, frankenthings have been popular in these parts of late. We had a frankencrew rowing at one regatta. It did quite well. The expression came from the coach, not me or one of the kids. There’s a frankencrew, a different one, featured in the rowing section of the school’s website. The composition is suitably murky and early-morningish that you can’t pick anyone clearly (unless you know them well). We can tell that it’s not the real crew though Boy is in it. His body shape is easy to identify. But there are others whose body shapes are plain wrong for the usual crew. Ergo, frankencrew. We can cope with that.

Tonight we’ve been shopping for fabric for Boy’s new sweater, the one that will be like the green one I made him but not exactly like. There was a small stain on one bit of the roll, so we were able to get it at reduced price. It wasn’t as cheap as I’d hoped, but Boy just wasn’t all that thrilled by the cheaper, slightly softer, darker grey fabric I’d picked. You couldn’t call it expensive, anyway, because I had a gift voucher that we put to the cause.

When I was little, scrap wool was used to make clever stripey jumpers and I’ve made a couple of those myself. When Boy was very small I knitted him what I thought was just a colourful jumper. It was blue and green and red and yellow in sold chunks, not stripes. I confess that it was acrylic for ease of washing and drying (you have to be kind to yourself when you live where winter temperatures are consistently below zero) but there wasn’t another jumper remotely like it anywhere on the planet, I’d say.

We won’t have enough of the fabric we purchased tonight to make two sweaters. There’ll be enough left over to make some sort of sweater out of all the various bits. There’ll be green and blue and grey. Tonight he described the proposed scrap sweater as a frankensweater. I wouldn’t have thought of calling it that but I understood his intent and agreed that, yes, I’d make a frankensweater for him.

Once the grey sweater is made – it’s on the to do list but not terribly near the top; it will be ready for winter – and I have all the bits assembled, we’ll see what sort of frankensweater we can get out of them for a fun, warm top that will probably not be like anything else on the planet either. But, regardless of colours, I’m sure that people will recognise it as a frankensweater. Frankenthings are popular, don’t you know?


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