altogether too soft

01 Apr

I sewed another little self-drafted top and decided to add a soft collar. Of course I was sewing late at night. Of course I’ve never done a collar before. Of course I had no idea what I was doing. Of course I sewed it on the wrong way round. Of course I have interfacing and equally of course no idea where. Of course I didn’t use any. I wanted a soft collar. Trouble is, I didn’t really want a collar as soft as the one I eventually made. But who cares? It looks passable, it’s obviously meant to be a soft, casual top that doesn’t take itself seriously. It was in the corporate colour scheme that was required for the day – school colours to support the school rowing club – and it was comfy. Soft? Comfy soft.

In other news, the clocks have gone back – loud cheers – and we’ve spent most of the day in our pyjamas. Head of the River was held yesterday and the weather was ideal. The atmosphere was exciting and the crowd large. And that’s it for Boy’s school rowing career, at least in terms of his being a rower. He’ll continue to coach. It’s hard to believe that it was five years ago we went to our first Head of the River regatta and that now we’re hardened veterans. I’ve been to all of them, Boy and Dr B missed last year’s, the one because he was overseas on a school exchange trip (three weeks in Italy), the other because he was interstate cycling (a mere 1000 Km ride in preparation for the big one). Me? I just took the soft options and stayed home, baking scones and taking photos for a rowing fraternity that didn’t include any of my family.

The beanie? Softly, softly there too. I ran out of time to finish it before the weekend. All the same, as we’re having an Indian summer, I can’t see that Eldest Nephew’s having to wait another week or so will be any great drama. When it’s ready it will be ready and he’ll have a nice soft, warm beanie. However I, in the meantime, am keen to introduce my weary head to the softness of my pillow before my brain turns to mush; soft mush.



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