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short weeks

We are quite worn out. It has been a busy week or so with the schools’ Head of the River rowing regatta last Saturday, a very long handover meeting for the rowing parents on Tuesday after work and the school’s Open Night last night (I got to don a fluoro jacket and direct traffic, how cool is that?), all of which required effort beyond just getting out of bed and going with the flow.

Personally I find going to work five days a week requires a great deal more effort than most folk seem to give me credit for! But then I know I’m not alone in that. Dr B is so run off his feet chasing about the metro area doing things for Nonno and Nonna that he doesn’t have time to stop and think. Boy is now officially on school holidays. This means, I think, that he has about two terms of school remaining. Now that’s scary. If he had four-day weeks, would those two terms be longer or shorter? Either way, I’d like to be home more often than I am to hear about how his day has gone.

Because we are so tired, it’s nice that we have two four-day weeks in a row. We don’t really do Easter very much, though there are foodstuffs particular to Dr B’s traditions that we bake, but we will have Nonna here at lunch on Sunday. That will be good for her and a change for us.

How about you? Do you think working weeks are the right length at five days and that the Easter weekend should be shorter?!

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