06 Apr

So today the plan was to cook. We’ve had serial pots of coffee, homemade hamburgers for lunch and hours of reliving Dr B’s Paris-Brest-Paris efforts by watching a compilation of videos burnt to DVD. Cooking? Only if you count the hamburgers. You know what? Just lolling about and doing not much is probably a great deal better for us than getting steamed up cooking would be. It might become a problem if Dr B decides he has to start cooking late at night, which would always be an option, but there’s tomorrow.

While sporadically viewing the PBP videos, discussions centred around cycling jaunts and whether Dr B should attempt the Great Southern Randonnee distance of 1200 Km later in the year, or be content to do 600? After all, he’s still having problems with his knees after rides of around 200 Km (which would more than frighten off most folk, I know). Who’d have thought a relatively minor cycling accident would have such long-lasting effects? It’s a good thing he was so fit when he did that face plant. I think he’s amazing but there’s no advice I can give him as to which distance he should chose. He wouldn’t pay attention to anything I might say because, well, let’s face it, I’m no cyclist at all. I dissolve in tears at the very idea of cycling!

In other news, my knitting has slowed considerably but I’m about to pick it up again and should now be able to make some progress on the crown of the beanie though I’d be surprised were I to finish it tonight. There’s a TV program I want to watch when the boys have finished watching a DVD that was one of Boy’s birthday presents.

Why am I not watching it? It’s weird and violent so I’m not interested. For somewhat similar reasons, I’m opting not to see The Hunger Games on Monday. Youngest Aunt and I are having a cinema session on some Gold Pass tickets I’ve been trying to use on something worthwhile. Frankly, Gold Pass cinemas don’t show much that’s worthwhile but the tickets do have an expiry date. In the interests of using them, we’ve decided we’ll watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which at least shouldn’t contain too much violence, gratuitous or otherwise. Anyway, that’s the present plan.

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