holiday chit-chat

08 Apr

I have been in jobs where I worked public holidays, so I don’t take it for granted that public holidays are necessarily holidays for me. But I’m glad that I’m now in a job where they are and particularly glad for this one. We are all tired and although we’ve been keeping late enough hours that we won’t be any less tired by the end of the weekend, we shall certainly have spent a lot of good time together.

I hope you had a joyful celebration for Easter? We don’t do a lot, apart from things related to cooking. Yesterday, Dr B and Boy cycled their usual 50-Km group ride at what they told me was a cracking pace. I did housework. They cooked when they came home. Today, Dr B was in the kitchen and I was doing the chauffeuring with Boy as my navigator. We were assisted by Tomaso, our nifty GPS gizmo (we have him set to speak to us in Italian). We picked up one of our passengers from a locale that could best be described as a rabbit warren and I’m sure we’d have been literally lost without Tomaso.

After the traditional lamb roast and Dr B’s struccolo (it’s a version of the strudel particular to his part of northern Italy), we had a sing-along with Nonna and our old family friend. Nobody was in good voice but we had a lot of fun. Boy shot a short video of us collapsing in hysterical laughter at the end of one song. I shan’t be sharing it. I used to be a serious singer and I think what’s left of my reputation would be in tatters were that to see airplay. Luckily, we can laugh about it.

Knitting? Yes, I’ve started the serious decreasing for Eldest Nephew’s beanie, so despite having had to rush about and pretend to clean the house a bit, I’ve managed to sit and do something utterly indulgent and unhelpful for half an hour or so. I should – and that is should, but not definitely – finish the beanie in the next day or so. Once you start decreasing, the process is generally rapid.

And tomorrow, of course, I’m off to the movies!

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Posted by on April 8, 2012 in Knitting, Musing


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