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Youngest Aunt and I enjoyed The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and liked the comfort of the recliners in Gold Class (although the angle, even at its most upright, led to difficulties when it came to eating nachos without making a mess). It would be easy to fall asleep, but neither of us did. At least, I didn’t and Youngest Aunt was laughing often enough for me to say that, as I also didn’t hear her snoring, she probably didn’t fall asleep, either. To accompany the film and our nachos, we chose a lovely, fruity local (McLaren Vale) cabernet sauvignon. Life ain’t bad. After the film, we had time for coffee and a quick catch-up chat before I needed to jump aboard a bus and come home.

I knitted all the way there (about 75 minutes worth on the bus) and read all the way back (a new book). So I can report that I have made visible progress with the decreases on the crown of Eldest Nephew’s beanie – it’s starting to acquire a beanie-type shape, whereas before it was hard to tell what was happening – and that I will certainly finish it this week (I should type that with fnigres corsesd because something is bound to happen that will mean I don’t finish it). I was talking with Middle Aunt yesterday and she said that Eldest Nephew will be very pleased with the beanie’s quiet, unobtrusive warmth. Good.

When I arrived home, I found the backyard quite bare. Dr B and Boy had taken to our fallen willow tree with a chainsaw. The birds have been lost since it fell, not sure where to go. The rainbow lorikeets have been perching almost close enough to touch, the branches had sagged so low. Now there are no branches at all.

In other crafting news, I have decided to join Karen’s Pyjama Party Sewalong (for which I seem presently unable to get the button to work).

It so happens that Boy is in need of some new PJ trousers and the sewalong could be just the nudge I need to get that sewing room tidied up again (it keeps getting swamped) and settle down with some serious sewing for a couple of weeks. I have yet to make Boy’s track-style sweater, but that won’t take long once I’ve cut it out (finding the sewing table under the accumulated piles will take longer). I’ve also a few domestic sewing chores requiring my attention but there’s no real haste about them (heck, they’ve waited this long, they can wait a bit longer).

Karen intends to use Simplicity 2721 for her PJs. I’ll use New Look 6374 Six Sizes in One for mine. Don’t bother Googling it, the present New Look 6374 is a different animal altogether. I’ve had my version for a long time. I can’t find a date on it anywhere, but I’ve had it for at least 15 years and probably quite a bit longer. It’s properly a ladies’ pattern for skirts, a T-shirt and singlet top as well as shorts.

The shorts are dead simple, having only two pattern pieces. They’re designed to be loose and casual, so I’ve been making PJ trousers, board shorts and boxers for Boy – all derived from that pattern – since he was about six, adjusting width and length as necessary for the legs. I made the first pair of PJ trousers for him from a burgundy-coloured fabric printed with sheep, both black and white. He loved those and wore them till they reached a point where I could no longer mend them.

He also had a pair with aliens and spaceships and things; and a helicopters-on-camo pair. His boxers have been camo, red with racing cars, blue with BMX bikes and one current pair he refuses to wear because the pattern on the fabric is so awful (I’m inclined to agree; Dr B chose it, reckoning it didn’t matter what colour it was if it was for something like boxers. Wrong). In any case, that’s the pattern I’ll use for the PJ trousers.

The top? Well, I dare say that will be the tried and true Justknits 96859, which is again a multi-sized ladies’ pattern easily adjusted to fit any size or gender – I mean, it’s a T-shirt pattern so we’re not talking complicated fitting issues, particularly for a PJ top that needs to be loose enough for overnight tossing and turning comfort – or perhaps the Simplicity 5976 raglan T-shirt. Either pattern will do. I’ve used both and they’re quick, easy makes. I’ve had the Justknits pattern for about 18 years and the Simplicity one for maybe 10 years, so neither is new.

So that’s a roundup of what I’m doing in terms of sewing and knitting. Tomorrow, of course, I’m back at work. After such a lovely long weekend, that will seem exotic. Or so I tell myself.

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