oh no, oh no

10 Apr

I have just received the temptation of a lifetime to which I have every intention of succumbing. As a previous volunteer at national championships, I’ve been invited to be part of the vollie brigade for similar events that will take place in Sydney during 2013 and 2014. Yeah.

Anyone who’s done any volunteering on however small or large a scale will understand it to be a job with no pay, no car, no gifts of any sort and no tangible rewards. If it’s a sufficiently large event, there’s the unparalleled joy of getting a first-class view of top competitors, perhaps even some of the world’s best. It could be any competitors in any sport but in this case for me it will be rowers and rowing. I guess I’m a rowing tragic.

I don’t live in Sydney. I no longer even live in New South Wales. But I have family in Sydney as well as friends and I’m sure I could stay with them without reaching the three-day limit of stinkiness. Dr B only wondered why I hadn’t already hit the “apply now” button! The mundane details of having to take long service leave to accommodate such voluntary capers are just that, details. I won’t be able to volunteer for much but the week of the event but I’ll do that willingly.

Oh, and I finished the beanie. It now needs only to be sewn up and that, I can assure you, is a task best undertaken during daylight hours.

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