sewalong prep

10 Apr

Karen has posted about fabric choices. My fabric will be from stash and according to long practice: flannelette for the bottoms, lightweight interlock for the top. In the interests of being able to use the fabric, I’m pleased to announce that I can almost see the sewing table again; almost. There are some papers on it that shouldn’t be there, but it’s vastly improved on its previous state.

I should have knitted some more of the beanie today but I didn’t. By the time I came back to the office from my morning’s recording work, I was too tired and hungry to do much but simply sit and eat my lunch before my head caved in. Knitting on the bus on a working day is always tricky. I couldn’t have done it tonight, that’s for sure. The bus was chockers. I intend to knit while Boy and Dr B are out this evening. I’ll have no interruptions and, as I said, the rows are getting noticeably shorter now. If I really knuckle down, I might even finish the beanie!

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