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12 Apr

I’m slowly getting to grips with the technology. I haven’t yet cracked all the photos I need to resurrect so we’ll continue in a photoless state. With a bit of luck, I should now have a Pyjama Party Sewalong button over there on the side and a couple of amended thises and thatses. Yeah, keeping up with a blog is a lot of work.

I’m in two minds about Me-Made-May. I could do it, I think, in terms of wearing a scarf and/or beanie and/or mitts every day and that would meet the requirements. That sounds a little unexciting and hardly a challenge, though, because I already have enough scarves and beanies to see me through May and well into the rest of the winter as well. I did have last year and I’ve, ah, acquired a couple of new scarves since then.

If you recall, a while ago I had something along the lines of a discussion regarding could, should and would and, well, decided that, could and/or should notwithstanding, I probably would not do much winter sewing because of time and/or space constraints. I agree that lack of space is a weak excuse. I have a whole room I can dedicate to sewing, or I would if it weren’t used for everything else. That’s merely my sloppy housekeeping, isn’t it?

It’s true that my clothes are old and worn (and I discovered yesterday that a blouse I’ve been wearing to work has actually come adrift under the arm) and that it wouldn’t be extravagant to make some new ones. But in time for use throughout May? That’s a trickier ask altogether. Are you joining in?

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