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last gasp

Today’s regatta was the Masters and Second Grade State Championships, hosted by Torrens Rowing Club. There were few schools competing and those that were were certainly not at full complement, but all the clubs had a presence. With such reduced numbers came a very relaxed atmosphere. We didn’t have a marquee because they’d all been packed after the last regatta and returned to the city boatshed. It didn’t matter. We found a tree, put down a couple of picnic rugs and set up some chairs. We were fine.

Dr B went off on a 50-K cycle while the junior rowers were doing their stuff but he was back in plenty of time to watch Boy in his last race as a high school rower. Boy will row in one more school race but it will be in Melbourne later in the year and we won’t be there to watch. And he won’t stop rowing, though the question next season will be whether he returns to the same club he rowed with last year or whether he joins a uni club. That depends on many outcomes, so there’s little point speculating.

Very grown-up rowers!

Very grown-up rowers in the kids' playground.

The only pity was that nobody was selling food today. Usually the schools have a wide variety of food available for sale because rowers are a hungry lot and their supporters are, too; plus, it’s a good fundraising opportunity. The Boatshed Cafe sells food but we find it too expensive for much but the occasional treat; and the food sometimes isn’t as fortifying as necessary for the level of hunger evinced by your average rower. We went there with Nonna after Head of the River and had coffee and that was wonderful but we’d already eaten a hearty lunch. Today the school’s involvement was over by lunchtime, with the afternoon’s racing scheduled mostly as Masters events so lunch at home sounded like the best plan.

I packed up my knitting and our chairs and we went back to the city boatshed to help unload. For once, I simply sat and knitted and didn’t involve myself in the work. I’ve done it in the past but there is an extent to which extra hands just get in the way. Plus, it’s the rowers’ responsibility. Also, I had a beanie to finish for a birthday present. I have done so. I’m using my trusty old Villawool Inca L574 pattern again (it’s dated 10/77, so I really have had it for a long time) and knitting a mostly grey beanie. Because I’m not able to find the right yarn or a yarn of the correct ply, I tend to eyeball the results a bit and knit with two balls held together. That allows me to be a bit clever with a plain colour and a shaded/variegated one that complement each other.

This grey yarn is dark and the shaded/variegated one I’m using with it has a similar tonality plus flecks of pink. Sounds awful and it’s not what I would choose for myself but the intended recipient wears grey quite a lot and the pink gives it a lift without looking too weird. I finished it after lunch and ran a seam down the back. I have to sew in the ends and that’s all. But just in case the IR really can’t cope with it, I’m now making a pinkish one. I’m not sure that pink is really her colour either, she’s much keener on peach and ochre shades; but I simply could not find that palette in either of my LYSs.

If she hates it and just wants to wear it in the garden, that’s fine by me. She’s a keen gardener so keeping her head warm while she does the weeding could be a bonus, wouldn’t you reckon? You wouldn’t want to spoil a really pretty beanie by getting bits of vegetation stuck in it. Would you? You can tell, can’t you, that I’m not entirely convinced about it myself. It’s nicely made. I can be honest about that. It’s very soft (the yarn is 100% wool from China though I’m not sure of the variety) and warm and, having myself tried on the finished beanie, I know it will fit. (The IR and I have similar sized heads.) It’s not pretty but is it just pretty awful?

grey beanie

Is it just pretty awful?

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