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burgeoning beanies

Last night I had a haircut. This happens infrequently enough to be an activity of note but the best part of it was that, when I pulled my purse out to pay, the hairdresser told me that Middle Aunt had already done that when she’d been there earlier in the day (she gets her hair seen to much more frequently than I do; and we’re all agreed, she’s much greyer than I am so it’s likely her need is greater than mine). How kind and generous is that?

Naturally, this calls for some little thank you gesture beyond the phone call I made when I came home (Middle Aunt was at choir practice, so I left a message with Youngest Niece). I thought another beanie might be the go. Oh, yes, it will just be the usual pattern, the L574 or 475 or whatever it is (I can’t be bothered looking; I mean, I’ve admitted it’s my go-to beanie for fast results) but I’m trying a different yarn this time.

No, I haven’t quite finished the pink beanie but I’m confident that I’ll finish it tonight (only about 10 ever-decreasing rows remain and the sewing up takes no time at all). While I will certainly cast on for the gift beanie, I think I need to be a little more serious about all the sewing on my list if I’m not to fail in the Pyjama Party Sewalong. I can knit on the bus. I can’t take my sewing with me.

We are presently enjoying an Indian summer but it won’t last forever and Boy will soon be wanting his sweatshirt which, I think, probably takes precedence over the pyjamas. The pyjamas he could manage without. The sweatshirt? That is a thing of direst fashion need.

Later: It is now 10 o’clock and Dr B is on his way to bed. Boy should be but isn’t. Me? I’ve finished the pink beanie (I tried it on Dr B and he says it’s toasty warm if not his colour), started the next one (on which I’m already making good progress because it’s on needles of a size I can manage) and have a load of laundry gently doing its stuff. I’ll hang it out tonight, I think, late though the hour, because I want some of the contents tomorrow. As to clearing the sewing room? It’s too daunting a task, I admit, to undertake in anything more than short bursts when it’s late in the day and you’re tired (it is and I am). You don’t make much progress doing it that way. It’s a task that might have to wait for a full-scale onslaught on the weekend.

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