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reflecting on mortality

Things are greatly at sixes and sevens here – more like elevens and thirteens, really, neither divisible by anything but itself and unity – and they’ll probably continue to be so for some while. Today we had what may well be the last family lunch we’ll ever have where Nonno and Eldest Aunt are both with us. That’s a very sad and sober sort of thought but Nonno is not in good health and Eldest Aunt lives interstate.

We took photos of course – thank heavens for teenagers who are willing to set up photos because I still haven’t mastered the auto timer setting on any of our digital cameras; I’m still in analogue mode – and they’re okay considering the circumstances. Boy appreciates why we do it. He has had the experience of seeing Great Aunt through her last days and being at Great Uncle’s funeral as well as those of some younger cousins and friends. He is not entirely unaccustomed to dealing with death.

Dr B has lost other close relatives but always at a distance. His own Nonna died far away when he was a much younger man and, although he was shattered by her passing, some of that was due to the fact that he had had no opportunity to say goodbye. My parents and most of their generation on both sides of my family are long since buried. Some of those in my own generation have already been dead for a long while.

I have been through some of this but not in the way Dr B is experiencing it because I was younger and healthier and, in some cases, not there. I was far away, too, and didn’t have to deal with the everyday phone calls that are a last desperate affirmation of life.

We’re going to have some tough times this year.

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