but it isn’t red

01 May

Although I’m not participating in Me-Made-May, I’m trying to wear something me-made each day during May, partly to see if I can do it but without the pressure of having to. Today I wore my most recently made scarf. But, dash it all, it’s not red. Today is May Day and I can’t remember when I last didn’t wear a significant amount of red on May Day. I have red on my shoes, but the rest of me is mostly black. At least, my clothes are.

Later: I tried to add a photo of Boy wearing the PJ bottoms but, alas, that method didn’t work. So we’ll have to wait for Dr B to work a bit more magic before we have photos.

I can make some comments, though, about the bottoms. They were a quick, easy make. I would certainly make them again and will doubtless do so. There’ll be more winter PJ bottoms or summer boxers (or both) for Boy and I’m half-tempted to make some winter PJ bottoms for myself! It’s worth remembering, which I didn’t, that the pattern is for a knit fabric not a woven one. I made a women’s size 10 for Boy, which is ample enough round his backside and would probably not have been problematic in a stretchier fabric; but I forgot about his beefy quads. He has rower’s thighs (or cyclist’s thighs; but big) and, well, the bottoms are a bit strained. However, they don’t split or look as if they’re about to when he bends over (the standard test hereabouts) and they’re not squashing anything vital. So next time, I’ll make a 12 and he should be fine.

Of course they don’t look anything like the picture. They’re not shorts, they’re not made of a knit fabric and I tinkered with the pattern to make it just one pattern piece instead of two. I don’t think I’ve ever used the wide waistband the pattern uses so the appearance has always been like and yet unlike. My problems with the waistband relate more to my choice of elastic, I think. Back in prehistory when I did a stretch-fabric sewing course, non-roll elastic was the go. That’s elastic which, when stretched, returns to its original size. It’s difficult to come by; that is to say, I have trouble finding it. Most elastic I use seems to stretch and keep stretching and not return to its previous size and then it’s no use. (That was the drama with my wedding-outfit skirt.)

I zigzagged the measured soft elastic onto the wasitband. It stretched so much that the trousers were then falling off Boy so I had to unpick it all. Darn. At that point, I abandoned the attached elastic method and decided the old-fashioned tried and true method of threaded elastic would be perfectly all right, thank you. The elastic I ended up using is really too firm for night attire but it has the advantage of threading well and, because I made the channel with hardly any wriggle room, it won’t twist too much. It doesn’t have room to twist. In any case, Boy says it’s very comfy and just firm enough. That’s what I like to hear.

I was in a hurry – nothing new there – so I didn’t do the French seams or even pinked seams that I should have used. I just zigzagged around the crutch (usual practice) and left the rest as is. I know from having used the fabric many times before that it frays hardly at all and will wear well even without any finishing on the seams (the camo/helicopter pair lasted a couple of years with bare, unfinished seams). It’s lazy, I know, and I promise to try to do better next time. I can’t promise that I will because one shouldn’t make promises one is likely to be unable to keep, isn’t that right?

But you know my favourite part – and I really wish I could show you a photo of this now but it, too, will have to wait – is the black ribbon that indicates “This is the back.” It’s actually ribbon from some chocolates that were a birthday present (I hoard ribbon, it’s useful for lavender bags and the like) and what it actually says is, “Love chocolate.” Yeah, Boy is a chocoholic too, so it’s apt. Oh, and the PJ bottoms aren’t red, either. They’re green.

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