you know how I hate technology?

03 May

I’m not entirely averse to technology nor entirely incompetent at driving it (obviously, or I wouldn’t spend hours of my day using a computer). I have basic uses for phones, however, and the idea that I’m now going to be landed with a smart phone that nobody else wants is simply irritating. I don’t want a smart phone. I just want the mobile phone that I already have to work better. It won’t, because it’s reasonably elderly (as mobile phones go) and its technology is failing. Watch this space.

In the clothing arena, I’ve managed to wear something me-made each day. Yesterday and today it was my own scrappy three-coloured crocheted Moebius cowl. The weather was cold, the cowl is warm and the colours are pretty. But I have discovered that generosity has its drawbacks because, having given away some of my own warm accessories (fingerless mitts, beanie) to those whose need was greater, I’m now without any. R-i-g-h-t. I have a balaclava that I can use as a beanie (and have, in fact, used that way for many years). It’s not quite the same as a real beanie, though, so I might now have to make another beanie. For me! Will it be the Inca L574 or the broken rib one from the defunct women’s magazine? Decisions, decisions. The deciding factor is likely to be what yarn I have in my stash.

The pink L574 beanie I sent off with Boy for him to give to his girlfriend who’s been in hospital and is still unwell. I thought she could at least have a nice, warm head while she was convalescing. I’ve bought yarn (Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8 ply) for Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves. And, oh, he does actually want fingerless gloves not fingerless mitts. I offered, so I’ll do it, but it’s a good thing I have till September to make them. Part of the attraction of fingerless mitts is that they’re easy. Fingers, even truncated ones? Yeah, right. More learning (yes, I have made gloves in the past; just one pair and I’ve no intention of admitting how long they took). In any case, conquering fingers might be easier than conquering the technology associated with the smart phone!


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