yarning again

04 May



It’s so hard to get good models these days

Excuse the above photo, please. Like many bloggers I struggle to take photos of myself (I know about tripods; it’s the auto setting on the digital camera that defeats me and I don’t have long arms). It does, however, give you an idea of the neck warmer that was today’s me-made article of clothing. Believe me, photographed flat on a table it could be anything.

The neck-warmer is an affordable take – all right, dirt cheap because the yarn was out at clearance prices – on this pattern from the wonderful folk at Purl Soho. Of course I didn’t use the stipulated yarn. It sounds as if it would be to-die-for soft, but it is w-a-y beyond my budget. I used something soft that knitted up to a similar tension/gauge (sorry I can’t tell you any more detail; yarn and needle size were things I originally noted in my craft diary but I haven’t been able to retrieve that since the computer crash).

The problem I encounter with the finished product, pretty and soft though it is, might relate to the yarn I used. Then again, it might relate to the design. I can’t be entirely sure though my suspicion is that the called-for yarn would only minimise the problem, not eliminate it: the buttonhole stretches dreadfully and you end up with a misshapen object that doesn’t look as smart as it might. No matter. It IS soft and it IS pretty. It’s also warm. Because of the clever triangular shape, it’s a garment that would ideally accompany a high-buttoning jacket or coat. Today, my jacket didn’t meet that description, so I confess to having been somewhat chill around the bit of me that was below the neck warmer and above the fastening on my jacket.

In other yarn news, I’ve begun Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves. I’m making these and you can see a few problems already, no doubt! Youngest Uncle is not an adult female. He has large hands. I don’t have the right yarn. Again, no matter. I shall use the Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8 ply yarn that I bought for the purpose and keep the same size needles called for in the pattern. That should mean I get slightly larger gloves (which should, therefore, fit Youngest Uncle comfortably) but I don’t have to give myself headaches making too many alterations on the fly.

It’s possible I might want to make the cuffs and truncated fingers a shade longer, but those changes are easily made and tracked. It’s the pattern for doing the fingers that I needed help with. Some kind soul has already done it in an in-the-round design. Perfect. I don’t imagine I’ll finish the gloves this weekend but as the forecast is for chilly weather, knitting sounds like a very useful thing to be doing. What are you plans for the weekend? Knitting? Or something far more exciting? May it be an enjoyable one, whatever you’re up to.


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