planning another outing

22 May

Providing just a touch of tissying-up

We’ve a cocktail party coming up that’s a rowing club fundraiser. We were at the first one and it has become an annual event, one that I usually attend even if Dr B does not. Last year it clashed with too many other school events for it to be viable that even I would be able to do the right thing. This year? I plan to go. I go to help in the kitchen, I should point out, but if somebody offers me a sip of their cocktail all I can say is that it would be rude to refuse.

So, what to wear? It’s the usual colour theme: black, white and grey/silver. I think I can manage that, even while washing dishes. It will be the usual black trousers and white top perhaps with the usual jacket, perhaps with a jersey cardigan. Time will tell. And of course I shall wear the black-and-white scarf I made to wear to the presentation dinner. It’s something that adds effortless flair to any outfit (I say, tongue firmly in cheek).

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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Rowing, Sewing



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