knitting in the car

26 May

Today I was planning to knit a bit more of whatever I have on my travelling knitting. (It was not the fingerless gloves, as I still haven’t sorted out how to rectify the mistake; I suspect it’s going to mean unpicking and past experience of doing that with knitting in the round makes me wonder if there’s an easier option.) I cast on for a knitted Moebius cowl the other night, using leftover yarn that there’s not enough of to knit anything serious with and of which I don’t wish to buy more because although the yarn is soft the range of colours is limited. Also, I decided that it would be something that I could bundle up and take on the bus or anywhere else where I might want something to occupy me.

Today held motor car shuffles and a trip to the doctor, so I knew that there were two perfectly good opportunities for a spot of getting on with the job. I packed up the yarn and needles into my little calico bag and popped it on the back of the chair, alongside my handbag. Which is precisely where it stayed. So, no, there’s been no knitting in the car!


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