on the way home from the GP

01 Jun

I happened to duck into Spotlight when I was coming home from a visit to my GP. Well, it’s right there and, you know, I wasn’t quite ready to venture back out into the chilly winter air (yes, it’s officially winter here now).

Having been most impressed by Michelle’s post about her easy, stretchy skirt, I decided that I would simply do what she had done (more or less) so I bought some of the same fabric she showed in her post. I was very tempted by the black-and-white roses but ended up with a length of the black-on-grey geometric pattern. We have a school cocktail function heaving to and I’ll need something colour appropriate to wear to that, so I also bought a length of lightweight, stretchy, black-and-white fabric to make another, slightly dressier skirt.

But none of this will happen until Boy’s sweater is done. To be utterly truthful, because I’m unwell at the moment, I haven’t the energy to sew or do any other handiwork much. I took my knitting to the GP’s, thinking I’d have time to polish off a few rows while I was waiting; and I was right, there was plenty of time. But I could not exert myself that much. Sewing is falling into the same category at the moment. This will pass. The need for winter clothing, however, is now urgent.


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2 responses to “on the way home from the GP

  1. Sarah

    June 2, 2012 at 18:51

    Hope you feel better soon.


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