ill not idiotic

03 Jun

At least, that’s what I tell myself. You wouldn’t believe – I don’t quite believe myself – how many times I attempted to start a new post and failed. So all I shall do is comment in passing that when you refuse cappuccino and cheesecake, there’s probably a reason why you should have stayed in bed!

I thought I could at least do a spot of easy sewing because I need to do a beanie rescue. I undertook such a thing a few years on a couple of beanies that had stretched beyond usefulness. They weren’t made with particularly good yarn but they were warm enough. Those I rescued then are still going strong (Nonno has one, Dr B the other).

I’d forgotten there was another lurking in the woodwork but happened upon it the other day. Despite its having stretched, the one on the right is still quite warm and it would only take half an hour, perhaps less, to sit down with a needle and some shirring elastic and make it a replica of its shapelier cousin (one of those I originally rescued).

Even Dr B’s head isn’t that large

It might only take half an hour. I don’t know. Clearly, I’m making too many mistakes to attempt anything quite so intricate as threading a needle, never mind actually sewing. Another time, perhaps. I wouldn’t, after all, want to mess it up even more, would I?



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