after the sweater

11 Jun

That’s Boy’s sweater, of course. The pattern is laid out, complete with minor adjustments, and the cutting has begun but it’s been a messy, bitsy weekend and, despite having an extra day in which to achieve things, I’ve not done much at all to make me feel productive. I’m still coughing and wheezing but I wouldn’t cite them as particular reasons; and Dr B is now horribly unwell, so I’ve been fussing over him a bit (but only a bit).

Having said that, I haven’t been entirely indolent. Apart from engaging in the usual weekend battle with the laundry, I’m considerably closer to finishing Boy’s beanie, I have a knitted birthday shawl under way and, as I say, I am making progress, albeit slow, with the sweater. I want to get that finished, though, because I want to make a skirt for myself. The skirt wouldn’t take long but Boy has been very patient about waiting for his sweater. So this will wait, it will. Really it will.

I can hardly resist its siren call

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