progress in grey

14 Jun

It’s amazing how boring photos of a grey sweater can be, especially when the sweater is in its construction stages. However, just to reassure you that I haven’t let that siren skirt seduce me, here’s a photo of a seam. Yes, just one of the many! Actually, there are only a few and, let’s face it, a sewn sweater doesn’t take all that much work. I’ve bands left and that will be it, but I simply haven’t yet had enough hours to do them (I do need some sleep). I’m confident I’ll have them tomorrow or over the weekend (alas, tonight has other tasks that need doing) and then Boy will be a very happy boy and I? I’ll be able to start on that skirt.

A shoulder seam, showing the cotton tape that will stop it stretching

Meanwhile, I knitted some more of Boy’s beanie whilst I was waiting for an appointment. I know we only ever do things one stitch at a time, even when we’re increasing or decreasing, but sometimes each stitch seems to take forever. Never mind, they all contribute to the total. And isn’t that what really counts?

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