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16 Jun

I finished Boy’s sweater and he’s wearing it happily enough. I’m disappointed with how it turned out. The green prototype had fewer of the problems that could best be described as not quite meeting at the seams properly and things being slightly off-centre. I matched up as carefully as I could and sewed extra slowly and carefully but I have to say, it’s a somewhat lumpy looking garment. Not a win, then, at least from my perspective; but Boy, as I said, is wearing it and will probably take it on the ski trip (he’s happily worn it to the shops). I know it’s warm. But it’s just not quite as nice as I’d hoped it would be. Although I would have preferred a darker grey, it’s the colour he chose and therefore quite acceptable.

Keeping Boy warm while he studies

Then I thought I’d lost the instructions for my skirt pattern! It was there last week, because I checked it for pattern layout. Today? Could not find it. I checked the packet of the sweater pattern, just in case I’d mistakenly packed it away in there. I cleared my work space a bit and had a look around. No, still couldn’t find it. I told myself I wouldn’t have that much trouble making the skirt, even without the layout and sewing instructions, but the mystery of their whereabouts was baffling me. I looked in a few more likely places – you know, flipped through the knitting books on their shelf, fossicked around among the rowing programs and results in their drawer, and pulled down a couple of lever-arch folders that have sewing patterns in them and which I’d used recently – but all to no avail.

Fine, then, I thought I’d just wing it. I was a little concerned, in any case, that the fabric might be more one-way in terms of its printed design than I’d originally reckoned. If so, I’d have to use a different layout anyway and that would mean I didn’t have enough fabric. I wanted a skirt with some shape, not just the straight one I’d made before. Knowing that all I was looking for was one sheet of paper, I had another quick look in the pattern envelope. And, yep, sure enough, there was the instruction sheet where it should have been, just quietly stuck to the cardboard and minding its own business. R-i-g-h-t.

Yesterday I knitted on the way to work and on the way home (there weren’t many folk on the bus on either occasion, so I had a seat to myself and plenty of room to wave my needles around). Last night, I knitted a few rows while trying to watch a movie. It didn’t really engage my attention, so I gave up on it and decided that instead of knitting I’d some sewing instead, getting a start on the finishing touches for the sweater. But the thing is, the beanie is making good progress even if the sweater hasn’t won any prizes and I’ve spent vast amounts of time trying to find a piece of paper that was always precisely where it should have been. Perhaps trying to sew this weekend was doomed from the outset and I should have just stuck to the knitting?

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