again or still

22 Jun

I had to make another shopping bag and I did it quickly, so I don’t know if that’s hurrying in a repeated or renewed manner. My suspicion is that I’ve never stopped. Camera problems meant the phone was the best option for quick photographic results but I think you can see the pretty, cheerful fabric reasonably well. It’s stiff, so I almost had to admit defeat on the French seams which ended up being very thick. Sturdy, I tell myself. They’re not chunky, they’re sturdy.

Slapdash, sure, but sturdy withal

Yes, there was a lavender bag in the finished article when I presented it to the Birthday Girl today at lunchtime. These birthday seem to be coming around very quickly at the moment! Another colleague will be looking for some small, celebratory token next week and I know she’d appreciate fingerless mitts.

I’d like to oblige her in that respect but the difficulty for me is that, while I can sew a shopping bag in about 20 minutes, it would take me more like 20 hours to knit the mitts. I don’t have quite that many hours available this weekend although I anticipate that I might finish Boy’s beanie now that I’ve had a few days of being dedicated about knitting on the bus and am finally decreasing for the crown.

But mitts for my colleague? No, not when you knit as slowly as I do. Another shopping bag, do you think?

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