fun fabric

25 Jun

Today I was presented with some fabric, most unexpectedly. A colleague’s mother is having to destash. Poor thing. I felt her pain. However, knowing that I use fabric, the mother wondered if I would like it. Her pain became my gain. I’m now the happy possessor of 13 squares of upholstery fabric samples – either linen or heavy cotton, I can’t quite decide which – with a very 70s feel. The obvious use is cushion covers, as there’s not enough of any of it to do serious stuff with. But then again, I might make a couple of shopping bags or even lined totes.

Innocently awaiting their destiny

I apologise for the quality of the photo, which I agree is fairly bad. However, you can probably get an idea from the foremost one that some of the patterns are delightfully wild. I’m going to have fun with these!


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2 responses to “fun fabric

  1. Cuckoo Chanel

    June 26, 2012 at 02:58

    Ooh. Looks fun! Enjoy!! Can’t wait to see what you create with these.

    • Felicity from Down Under

      June 26, 2012 at 19:00

      It will be a challenge for me to do them justice, I think, but I’m looking forward to trying.


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