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of perils and pickles

Elderly needles come with attendant dangers. Namely, they’re fragile and if you’re not careful they might break. Actually, they might break even if you are careful. Then you end up with this.

I only almost screamed

That was my lunchtime nightmare. I’d knitted a few rows and was carefully putting away the bag with the project when I felt the needles snap. Obviously, I’d put pressure on them somehow. I was extremely fortunate that I didn’t lose any stitches. Not one. The break came above (or below; Dr B and I can never agree on such directional indicators, so I’ll simply tell you that the break was between the stitches and the tip of the needle and you can choose whichever descriptor suits your world view) where my work was carefully pushed to the end, so I very, very carefully picked up the bit of needle that hadn’t broken and to which the stitches were still clinging, and wrapped a rubber band around the end to prevent them falling off. I couldn’t knit on the bus on the way home. Oh, dear.

And then the next part of the pickle is that, as you might remember, these needles are between sizes. I know, unequivocally and without even looking, that I don’t have any others the same size. What to do? Knit loosely on the smaller size? Knit tightly on the larger size? If it were only a row or two, I could probably do something like that. But this is going to be a lot more than a few rows. My solution, I think, will be to knit with one larger and one smaller and hope that somewhere in the middle means that the difference between the original and the newer bits won’t be noticeable.

That is, I’m hoping it will be less noticeable or no more noticeable, I haven’t quite decided which, than the changeover of yarn. I’m using the same colours and the same dye lots, but there’s a sharp contrast between the older section, which is quite soft, and the newer one which is very bright although mostly on one side. Again, what to do? I’ve no solution to that one, other than unpicking entirely and working the whole thing with all four balls of yarn on the go so that all the colours alternate and any differences between balls of the same colour are not so obvious. For a Thursday night deadline? You’re right. I’m not going to do it. The joy of a lovely, long, warm scarf is that it’s lovely and long. I would never finish it by Thursday if I had to do it again. I’m even leaving the mistake where I knitted one stripe of four rows rather than two (I blame a loquacious colleague for distracting me at that critical changeover point).

What would your solution be for such a drama as broken needles and no others the same size?


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