unearthly coincidences

29 Jul

There are only 365 days in most years, so that anniversaries share dates or are near to each other is not really so very surprising. Tonight I was treated to a performance of Gustav Mahler’s great work Das Lied von der Erde. It is a work of profound beauty and profound sadness and I find it wonderful. I could have sat through another performance straightaway. It has associations of sadness for me because I remember that Dr B and I listened to a recording of Der Abschied in the day before my father’s death, lighting candles and hoping that as the last notes died, his life might also fade and his pain and suffering be over. It didn’t quite work that way but we weren’t far off.

This time of year is rife with anniversaries including my Dad’s birthday – he would have turned 99 a couple of weeks ago – and my Mum’s death (also that of her only brother and her aunt who was more like an elder sister). They have all been gone for many years but I was reminded of them all tonight as that wonderful music flowed around me.

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