been busy

31 Jul

Things were a little quiet while I knitted furiously to finish Eldest Son’s scarf. I did have to stay up till fairly early in the morning, but it was finished, tied with a ribbon and packed into a bag with a lavender bag and the card in time for Dr B to take with him to the birthday party.

Also, I’ve finished Boy’s beanie, which is certainly progress. The strange thing is that I made it to the correct size and it’s too big for him and if I’d had any sense at all I’d have known it would be because he has quite a small head. Eldest Nephew, for whom I knitted another beanie using that pattern, would probably get quite good use out of the one I’ve ended up making for Boy and vice versa. The blue beanie I made for Eldest Nephew was a shade on the small side for him because I misread the pattern and used the wrong size needles and he has a large head. Maybe they could do a swap?!

And I’ve unpicked Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves, which I guess is progress of a sort if not altogether what I’d hoped for. Okay, back to hoping they’ll show a bit more rowing before I reach the point where my eyes won’t stay open any longer. Are you managing to watch your favourite sports?


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