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progress note

Just to confirm that I have really been working on Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves, I took a photo of the right one on my hand. My hand is considerably smaller than Youngest Uncle’s, so obviously it won’t look at all like that when it’s finished – for one thing, it will be finished! – and it will fit Youngest Uncle much better. But, you know, you’ll be able to see what progress I’m making.

Hoping this will keep Youngest Uncle’s thumb as warm as it keeps mine

This is the Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8-ply machine washable wool in colour 2804. It’s been approved by its future wearer as suitably sober.

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misleadingly spotted

I have to say the weather forecast was misleading. 21 degrees? Nowhere near me!

Spotted just lurking on the bedside table

Spotted this morning atop Dr B’s bedside table pile of books were these keep-you-warm items. He hasn’t had to rug up quite this much in yonks. You will tell me, I know, that they’re not spotted at all but stripey and you’re right; but it was good to see clear evidence that Dr B actually uses something I made for him. That would be the balaclava, which is the colourful number. It dates back a very long time indeed (and was made using my favourite Patons balaclava pattern and any bit of wool I could second to the purpose, hence the fairly wild colour scheme. The job brief was to knit something warm and what it looked like didn’t matter).

I made the fingerless mitts for YoungB (an early experiment with Twinset Ellen’s wonderful pattern) but owing to my less than ideal yarn choice, they stretched significantly. That’s never really a problem because Dr B has very large hands and he’s always happy to have extra bits of covering to keep them warm. The mitts turned out to be a perfect size for him. What happened then was that YoungB appropriated the pair I’d made for myself. Eventually, I made another pair for myself. Then Nonno ended up with those. I still don’t have any!

And as that warmer weather doesn’t seem to be forthcoming, I might need to do something about that sartorial lacuna. What do you reckon, if I start knitting some fingerless mitts for me will the weather take a turn for the warmer?


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all abuzz

I was harvesting some more lavender this afternoon and the bush was abuzz with bees busily doing whatever it is that they do. They don’t bother me but I had to warn Dr B to stay well away (indoors, for preference), The sunshine was wonderful and for a few minutes I thoroughly enjoyed the notion that spring is on the way. Then the clouds blew over again and the temperature dropped. Oh, well. But I saw that we’re heading for 21 degrees on Tuesday. Wow!


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somewhat hysterically

Having a teenager is as much of a roller-coaster ride as having a baby and even more entertaining. Sometimes, anyway. I asked Boy if he’d try on the first fingerless glove (which I’m pleased to report is going well) so I could assess how much further I need to knit before I start the fingers. He assured me it fitted like a glove. Right.

As a matter of fact, I took a photo. Also as a matter of fact, Dr B has, ahem, borrow the card reader. Ergo, no photo.

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oh, no, you’re not getting me that way

I’m told that Youngest Uncle has changed his travel plans and will now not be trekking in the Himalaya in September. Rather, he is likely to be travelling in tropical northern Australia. Hm. Not a lot of call for fingerless gloves in that clime, is there? But I’m not going to stop knitting!


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clouded perceptions

I’m upgrading Boy to YoungB because it has reached the stage where he and Dr B are as bad as each other AND YoungB is about to tick a computer course as his first preference for university studies next year. Did I just say that? Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. How did that happen?

Dr B is as enchanted by the idea of YoungB’s learning about such things as cloud computing as YoungB is. Maybe more! Actually, YoungB and I have become a bit bored hearing about the cloud. I don’t understand it and I don’t really want to but I’ve been forced to be part of the revolution, very much against my will, I say glumly. I perceive that it could be useful but it’s just something else to occupy parts of my mind that could be taken up much more productively with knitting or sewing or even singing!

I’m not clear about the cloud, not at all.


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fingerless gloves again

I’m back on fingerless gloves for Youngest Uncle. It’s been a busy day today – university Open Days – and yesterday was meant to be busy but I was utterly worn out from Friday’s two hours of post-workday house-scrubbing at the Nonni’s place, so I just lolled about and did as little as possible for as long as possible!

The original fingerless gloves pattern had confusing instructions, so I looked around for something else and found this pattern which has nice long fingers (ideal, you’d think, for Himalayan trekking). Time being now of the essence, I’ve cast on and am already wishing I’d been less hasty about getting stuck into a new pattern late on a Sunday when I’m bone weary. Never mind, I’ll sort out what I’m doing, I’m sure I will. I mean, how hard can it be to knit round and round in 2×2 rib for an inch or so?!

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