oh, was that the weekend?

05 Aug

A former colleague once used the word “busy” to describe me. I think that was probably during rowing season and getting on for Christmas and they are busy times of year. Usually, I just potter about and feel cheated when Monday comes around before I’ve really enjoyed Saturday. Do you have weekends like that?

This weekend I’ve accomplished practically nothing (other than some laundry and that’s not exciting at all). Yes, we watched a few bits of Olympic telecasts, making a concerted effort to view the rowing, but we were occupied doing cleaning and tidying prior to selling a house (not ours) and catching up with visiting family and old friends and going out for lunch today and dashing about the suburbs in pursuit of an elusive piece of equipment (eventually located). I have road-tested a roll-up silicon keyboard for Dr B (it’s no good to me; you need a much heavier touch than I can manage if you want to get spaces and all the letters, but he reckons it might do for him and ought to be coffee proof, so let’s hope he’s right). That took time even if it wasn’t productive in a big way.

But I mean, here it is apparently Sunday evening and I haven’t yet put clean sheets Boy’s bed! Don’t hiss and boo at me, he usually does it himself but because he’s away and because it’s a loft bed and an absolute pig to make I thought I’d do it for him. Yes, no matter that it’s now getting on for winding-down time, I will do it. I’ll even do it before he returns tomorrow morning because he’ll want to get into it and have a good sleep. I, of course, will be at work and wondering did I actually have a weekend? And that’s how I feel most Mondays. Is there an answer? Is it actually possible to go back to work on Monday, feeling rested and relaxed as if you’ve had two days of not working?


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2 responses to “oh, was that the weekend?

  1. Calico Stretch

    August 6, 2012 at 07:57

    Back to work feeling rested? Well, um no not in my experience though now days I don’t go into offices but run the house and wrangle a couple of sprats. Still don’t feel rested :o)

    As to clean sheets on the beds I managed to get a couple done but that’s that so far, so absolutely no hissing from me. For sure.

    • Felicity from Down Under

      August 6, 2012 at 19:28

      Phew, nice to know I’m not alone. I managed to get the sheets changed but I was puffing like a grampus by the time I’d clambered up and down the ladder a few times. Maybe I should just regard it as cheap but effective exercise!


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