gambling or lucky dip?

23 Sep

Dr B does a lot of buying on eB*y. He’s one of those annoying snipers, I think. But that’s OK. I occasionally enter giveaways on blogs. What I do is seen as perilously close to gambling, according to him. Personally I think it’s more of a lucky dip. In any case, whichever it is, I was lucky enough to be the recipient of some largesse from Emily at Calico Stretch.

The arrival of the parcel was cause for hilarity. Last year, prior to PBP, Dr B and our postie were practically on first name terms because there seemed to be almost daily delivery of parcel or parcels of cycling gear from various online vendors. The pace has slowed some this year though it’s mostly the case that any parcels coming to our house are almost certainly not mine, even when I’m expecting something (for example, there was an ongoing drama with an anticipated parcel from the States that caused me great grief and afforded Dr B and YoungB much amusement while their several parcels turned up and mine didn’t).

Thursday was a cool morning here and nobody wanted to get out of bed, so Dr B was reading news online and I was pretending I was still asleep. YoungB had free lessons first thing and didn’t need to be out of bed at the usual hour, so he was genuinely still asleep. When there was a knock at the door, Dr B did the honours. He said the parcel was for me. I was trying to get out of bed – you know, half-heartedly struggling into my dressing gown and fumbling about for slippers – so I asked him if it was from New Zealand (which is where Emily lives). He brought the parcel to me after I’d repeated my question several times. He held it out and asked how could he tell if it as from New Zealand?

The bag in which it was packed was similar to these in the sense of having that same distinctive design and the white print on black background might also have given the game away. The postmark said New Zealand. The bag had New Zealand Post printed on it. The return address said New Zealand. The customs declaration asked for a value in NZ$. I have no idea how it could have been made easier for Dr B to figure out country of origin, but it seemed beyond him. Fine. He was probably just cross because it wasn’t for him!

I was running late by then, of course, so I intended to be good and not open the parcel before I rushed out the door. But I couldn’t resist!

Much better than gambling! Aren’t I lucky?

Not only had Emily sent me the very lovely fabric, she’d included a Stitch magazine and some felt flowers and a length of lovely, colourful braid. I took the magazine on the bus with me and very much enjoyed reading it. My mind was only half on my work all day, I’m sure. I was mentally imagining what I might do with the fabric. It’s a lovely, stable double knit with not a lot of stretch (around 20% as far as I’m able to figure it out; I haven’t tracked down the pattern from my stash that has a stretch meter on it but I know I have one). I am very happy to say that the colour is quite becoming on me (I love green but not all greens love me).

At a pinch, you could use the fabric with the stretch going up and down and probably not have too many lengthening dramas. (That’s a trick I learnt from my instructor back in 1994 when I did a stretch-sewing course, so it’s not unheard of or wicked, merely a little unusual.) That could mean a skirt with vertical stripes would be nice. I like skirts. I don’t wear them often because they create other problems, such as needing to wear something under them to keep warm and getting in the way when you’re crawling around under desks chasing leads and things of that nature. None of those problems is insuperable and if you’re willing, you can do anything.

Or I could perhaps make a longish jacket. I have fabrics that would be suitable for lining. Our weather is finally beginning to warm up (though not a lot, it has to be said!) but I still need a jacket that will see me through till the truly hot weather arrives. I don’t want to rush into making something simply to use the fabric. I’d rather give it more thought and use it wisely and to best effect. Dr B thinks a jacket might be the answer. I’ll let you know what I decide on.

In the meantime, I’ve aprons to be prepping! If you’re sewing along with Karen, have you chosen your fabric yet?


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2 responses to “gambling or lucky dip?

  1. Calico Stretch

    September 29, 2012 at 11:15

    Oh cool, I thought the fabric looked familiar! I’m glad you enjoyed the magazine and the parcel successfully improved your ‘getting-out-of-bed’ experience that day. LOL. Currently with sick kids (again) every day for me is a little like that. Rock on spring I say :o)


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