25 Sep

I am never organised, or so rarely that it’s practically never. Why, then, was I organised enough to purchase all those metres of sheeting for YoungB’s Halloween Nazgul cloak? I ask only because, the other night when I suggested we’d soon need to measure him up for it so that I could get on with the sewing, he told me he no longer needed it. Oh-kay. The only thing I see as a positive so far is that I hadn’t purchased the stiff card to make the mask!

The black sheeting? Yes, I can see that there would be lots of uses for that. It would be good for the standard LBD. Only trouble with that is that black – despite how much of it there is in my wardrobe – is not a good colour on me. And to have one of those LBDs suggests a use for such a thing. I might have once dredged up a few occasions of need but nowadays? Not even for choir purposes (which, I should perhaps point out, has been one of the main reasons for my multitudinous black-and-white sartorial colour schemes).

Right, then. Let’s talk apron fabrics. I like the look of ticking (lots of images here) and it’s certainly versatile. It’s also fairly soft. My preference for an apron is something with a little more presence, so a crisper cotton (or, my actual favourite apron fabric, thermal-backed curtaining) would be a better option. Enter my cunning plan. I’d decided to use ticking for the aprons and do a trim using some very old blue-and-white-checked cotton. I know it’s old fabric because it predates me by a good many years. There are yards of it (yes, there are, we hadn’t gone metric back then; and it’s a yard wide). It’s nicely stiff, which is probably what you would expect of something originally intended for a nurse’s uniform. It would make excellent aprons. Then I could use the ticking for the trims. What do you think?

Either way, I’m too tired and sneezy (OMG, the hay fever!) to ponder the problem now. I’m about to put out the rubbish bins then I’m going to bed.

Any suggestions on a good way to use three metres of 240 cm sheeting?!


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2 responses to “organised?

  1. sewbusylizzy

    September 25, 2012 at 22:24

    Shrouds for the local funeral home? That’s a lot of black sheeting! Or potato storage bags to sell – apparently they don’t sprout so quickly if you keep them in black bags – and the cotton breathes.

    • Felicity from Down Under

      September 25, 2012 at 22:38

      hahaha, I’m much taken by the notion of shrouds! Yes, it was to be quite a full cloak (obviously) so I allowed myself enough for some embellishments. Kids, huh? They keep us on our toes.


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