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nothing to do with sewing or knitting

It is peripherally related to craftwork of any sort (that I do) because I’m flummoxed again by the need to exercise in order to maintain the rear spread at manageable proportions. I often stand to knit or hand-sew when I’m at home, not because it’s better for me because it burns up more calories – although I’m told that is so – but because it’s sometimes more convenient or I’m able to get closer to a good light source so I can see what I’m doing. However, most of my work – certainly my paid employment and much that I do unpaid at home, such as sewing bandannas and things of that nature – requires me to be seated. Back in the days when I was first a uni student I used to say that education was broadening to the backside as much as to the mind. Nothing changes, except that you could substitute “life” for “education” in there and you’d have the correct answer.

Pillows A La Mode suggested that somewhere such as Curves might be useful, and I absolutely agree with her that group environments tend to be more supportive and a fun way to get moving. I don’t have a Curves gym close to my home although I’m not short of gyms (there’s one literally across the road). I’m also not short of gym equipment, because Dr B and Boy came home with quite a bit of that some years ago and they bring more bits on an ongoing basis as their needs and interests change. Cycling, did I hear you say? Yes, but not on roads. On the kinetic trainer I do cycle and that’s safe enough that I don’t fall off. I’m also pleased that it’s possible to multitask while cycling there: you can read a book while you work out!

I walk a lot. I’ve always walked a lot. For a while, though, I was somewhat limited by an ongoing problem with injuring my feet. Almost a year ago I fell off a stepladder and whacked my foot. Dang. One toenail requiring six months to replace. I was sort of over that and I did something similar to the other foot. Dang again. That toenail is coming along nicely if still looking terribly black. It doesn’t hurt. Fairly recently, I gave the original toe another wallop in a workplace incident. I wasn’t crippled but it was difficult for me to walk far or fast without significant pain. Cycling on the trainer is a good alternative (if somewhat boring; but that’s beside the point). And, just for good measure, I then gave that toe another thoroughly nasty whack that drew blood and a few unsewist-like words of wrath, not to mention causing more than just a bit of extra pain. It jolly well hurt and so did walking.

I’ve recovered somewhat, of course, and am now able to walk but the saga doesn’t end there. My joggers/trainer/runners – I don’t know; you can choose what your local terminology is for something approaching running shoes – have now decided to throw in the towel, with a split across each sole so that they get hooked up in things and probably don’t provide much support. Swimming anyone? Oh, no, wait, I don’t have any swimming apparel that won’t fall to bits the minute I look at it sideways. Yeah, right. No, I am not up to making my own bathers/swimmers/cossie. Sigh. All right. Looks like it’s back to cycling on the kinetic trainer again. Can anyone recommend a good book that I might read while I’m torturing myself?!

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