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off the rails already

Happy New Year, everyone. May your year turn out better than ours presently appears to be doing. My best laid plans – or vague ideas, call them what you will – have just been turned on end by news of a Younger Cousin’s illness being diagnosed as lung cancer. Yeah. Things can only improve, I know, but in the meantime I thought a quick knit might be the answer. This lovely pattern is free from Malcolm and Marcus and the notion that it’s quick as well as pretty is very appealing!

Three-Hour Cowl, courtesy Malcolm and Marcus

You’re right, it’s summer and the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a hot spell, but airconditioned hospitals have a habit of being places where a little extra warmth never goes astray. For the time being, this ousts other work. I hope you’re all enjoying your celebrations and that your New Year brings only joyous tidings.


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