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colourful care cowl


It's as pink as I could make it

It’s as pink as I could make it

Pink is a colour my cousin wears often. And, OK, the cowl is a shade different from the instructions. I used a crocheted cast-on so that it could be worn either way with impunity. I managed the slipped stitches by knitting in situ then passing over the previous slipped stitches, rather than following the instruction of moving then knitting. If there’s a difference in outcome, it’s slight. I worked more repeats of the pattern (10 in all). I had a few arguments with the yarn (it had knots in it and there was so much muddy brown that I ended up chopping out a significant amount to ensure finishing with a pink edge) but it knitted up nicely, the garment is soft and our weather presently so hot that it dried almost before I put it out under the umbrella to block.

And is it true to name with just a few extra hours to account for extra repeats? Not for me. I’m a slow knitter. All the same, it took about two days so that’s not bad. Today my cousin was discharged home for a couple of days while treatment plans are discussed, so she won’t need this right now. But she’s bound to need it when she’s readmitted next week.

How’s your knitting coming along?

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