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06 Jan

Some readers might recall that I made bunting for Middle Aunt and Uncle’s Christmas present in 2011. Due to technical problems and because I hadn’t photographed it in action prior to sending it off to its recipients, I only blogged about it referentially. Here’s a photo of some of it in action in 2012.

Helping to decorate Middle Aunt's outdoor eating area

Helping to decorate Middle Aunt’s outdoor eating area

I made 48 such flags – two string of 24 each – and they’re double-sided, so that whichever way you hang them, there’s a pattern. The bias tape I used to connect them was made from some old fabric I’d had lying around for quite a while (and from which I’d made boardies for YoungB when he was at primary school). I used Colette Patterns’ tutorial for making continuous bias.

I made a string of these for Eldest Nephew as well, though his used different fabric and I made the mistake of choosing one fabric with a one-way design. I used it both ways, anyway, and made sure that the direction alternated so that it looked deliberate. Well, it was! He hasn’t complained. (Maybe he’s too scared to do so but in reality, I doubt if he’s even noticed.)

Right, well, back to current crafting. Yeah, not much progress on any of that! But I’m sure there will be eventually. I hope you’re managing to churn out project after project.

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