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creativity of a different sort

Dr B organises Audax rides as well as participating in them. A while back, he needed a readily visible checkpoint sign. I made one for him out of a sturdy carton, and using velcro to hold the shape and some reflective strips to add visibility in poor lighting (early morning, early evening, night-time and overcast weather). This first time, we weighted it with a rock so it wouldn’t blow away.

It must have been seen as quite a desirable item; someone made off with it!

It must have been seen as quite a desirable item; someone made off with it!

At a later ride, where the weather was less clement, I covered the whole lot with clear contact – I have to say, that was a messy sort of business – and sewed up a sack of marbles and/or decorative pebbles to hold it down. After the ride, the sign and the sack were never seen or heard of again. (It’s a sad fact that there are plenty of spiteful folk about who would probably think it a joke to do away with such a sign.)

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just another small FO: starry bandanna

As well as knitting steadily on my two current projects – the easy lace cowl is nearly finished, too – I sewed a bandanna for my cousin. Her hair has now started to fall out as a result of the chemotherapy and, although she’ll probably wear a wig quite often, sometimes she’ll want a bit of protection without all that bother. I popped this in the post to her the other day.

Patterned with stars for someone who is a star

Patterned with stars for someone who is a star

It’s made from some pretty, cotton quilting fabric that was lurking in the specials box the last time Dr B and I were out shopping (it’s one of my cousin’s favourite colours, of course). You’d be proud of how carefully I measured it and its hems. I was quite proud, I can tell you; no evidence of my usual slapdashery! Being a firmer sort of cotton than what I used for Dr B’s bandannas, it held a finger-creased hem nicely, so I didn’t have to iron it much at all. There are some matching lavender bags to make everything smell sweet and to help keep the moths away.

I’ve known for years that I let myself get sidetracked quite easily and that that’s why I rarely undertake large knitting tasks (I delegated the knitting of YoungB’s baby shawl, for example). It means I can drop whatever I’m doing to respond to cases of genuine need. It also, alas, often means I’m struggling to finish things I’ve been trying to do for a long time and should really have finished long ago. You remember Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves? Yeah, I’m still going on those nearly a year after I started them. But, you know, I have at least three weeks up my sleeve before his next birthday; at least. That should be bags of time. Shouldn’t it?

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FO: Summer Shimmer Scarf

It doesn't shimmer quite as much as I'd hoped, but it's drapey and beautiful

It doesn’t shimmer quite as much as I’d hoped, but it’s drapey and beautiful – and it only took a few weeks to knit


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impasse or impassive

WARNING! Low level violence referenced in this post.

It’s like this: when Dr B and I met, a very long time ago, he used to ride a motorbike. In those days, I was a nurse and I’d seen plenty of people sporting fractures and lacerations from coming off one of those things. I refused to get on it. I haven’t changed my mind. Dr B says if I loved him, I’d ride pillion. I say if he loved me, he’d stop asking.

This is also true: I do not like plums. That was the case long, long before Dr B came into my life and no amount of persuasion on his part has changed my opinion. When they’re in season, he keeps asking me if I’d like a plum. He says he does it because he loves me and would feel rude not offering. I say if he loved me, he’d stop asking.

Mostly I just ignore his barbs. But one day – oh, yes, one day – I am going to snap. I’ll turn around and give him a punch like the one that Walt Disney’s Hercules landed on Hades at a critical point in the narrative; and Dr B’s face will turn into a prune – which, as it happens, is about the only sort of plum I will eat.


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old ladies

I’ve turned into one of those. Not the nice sort but the “My old lady lets me go and ride my motorbike while she stays home and works” type. I’m rebelling by refusing to do housework in their absence. Rather, I’ve been knitting. Dr B and I made a trip to buy some craft supplies – for something HE needed – before they sailed out this morning but any plans I might have had for the day were so thoroughly derailed that, well, I’ve knitted another inch or so of my Easy Lace Cowl and fixed up a mistake I’d had to tink in the Summer Shimmer Scarf by way of having my fun while they have theirs. There has to be justice in life, some sort of balance in the Force and all that.

They were, in fact, talking about bikes – pedal and motor – the other night, discussing various motor capacities and other intricate features (I assume they’re intricate though I am, of course, wilfully ignorant on such points). Dr B asked what would I be talking about had I had a gaggle of my friends over? Premium knitting needles, I said. Then I proceeded to tell them all about Addi needles with click-on ends and interchangeable middles and bamboo and rosewood and all the various other interesting needles and crochet hooks I read about. I don’t actually use any of those and am reasonably satisfied with the results I obtain on those I’ve been using for years. Their eyes were spinning nicely.

This is my idea of the way things should be, but I reckon I’d have a higher body count! (Image remains copyright of the original artist.)

Tomorrow we’re visiting a friend whose industrial sewing machine will make light work of the chore I’d have done for Dr B today had my machine had the grunt. Four layers of belting? Not really, even with a walking foot and a new needle. The friend is a bloke. There’s SOME balance in the Force, after all.


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