derailed plans

31 Mar

Happy Easter, one and all, whether you celebrate it as a religious or secular feast or simply consider it a well-earned long weekend to be spent with family.

My plan was to knit; specifically, to finish Eldest Niece’s birthday mitts. I’ve managed to derail myself by running out of yarn for them. It’s entirely my fault; I decided to make the cuff a bit longer and Eldest Niece has long hands, so the mitts are long. Drat. If that was my weekend knitting plan – as I’ve said, it was! – then I’ve scuttled it nicely (I’d need to go into the city to buy more yarn unless, by a fluke, the localish branch of Lincraft would have a matching dye lot; but if I were making the effort to go that far, I’d go into town where I could guarantee matching the dye lot). I’ve started on sewing up Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves but, you know, I need peace and quiet and good light for that, none of which appears to be forthcoming.

Dr B has also derailed my plan by ordering me – he would say he asked but I’m telling the story and that’s how it feels to me! – to be involved in a project that’s his but would, I agree, look better with my neater writing (a pile of labels for a lot of keys and sorting out his key cabinet; but without his first identifying each key, I wouldn’t know what to write on the labels anyway). Also, the little mending job he asked me to do on his motorbike cover? I’ve finally managed to do it. It wasn’t entirely little. It was repairing a seam that runs the length of the cover. I used whatever thread was in my machine – white, as it happens; I could show you a photo but it’s, like, you know, boring – and muttered a lot. If I’m honest, it probably took me longer to clear sufficient space to sew an article that large than to repair the seam. It was, after all, straight sewing. The main thing is, it’s fixed.

Then there’s the little bombshell in the shape of realisation that YoungB’s birthday party is next weekend, not the one after. Yikes! We’d had several discussions and Dr B had assured me the party was to be in a fortnight. Yeah, but he was wrong! Oh, well. What gets done gets done and, you know? The kids won’t care much as long as there’s plenty of food and drink and a marquee to provide protection from any inclement weather. That much, at least, has pretty much been organised by YoungB.

So in my spare moments, in order to maintain some semblance of sanity and calm, I’m knitting a nice, warm hat to cover someone’s head during the chilly weather that’s definitely on its way. How about you?


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2 responses to “derailed plans

  1. sewbusylizzy

    March 31, 2013 at 21:41

    I just finished the Vine Bolero (ravelry) I just need the sew in the ends and add a couple of buttons! I can’t believe I’ve finished two cardigans in three months – my last jumper took three years!


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